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Best Alibaba Cloud training in Pune Pimpri Chinchwad

ACA - Alibaba Cloud Certification Associate is a certification designed for personnel who can use Alibaba Cloud Computing products. It covers all of Alibaba Cloud's core products from computing, storage, networking to security.

This certification is the foundational certification for cloud practitioner and beginner who desires to enter cloud world.

Your trainer, Manoj will run this course practically, shows lot of demos and will cover hands-on labs also. You will learn the Alibaba Cloud ECS, SLB, OSS, RDS, Auto Scaling and Security Solutions

Expected Outcomes:
  • Set up a Alibaba cloud solution environment
  • Plan and configure a cloud solution
  • Ensure successful operation of a cloud solution
  • Deploy and implement a cloud solution
  • Configure access and security
Intended Audience
  • Developers, Architects, Operational, Managers, Business Analyst, Business Administration graduate and CIO's
  • Curious about Alibaba Cloud, how it’s built, and what it offers
  • Want to learn more about the broad suite of Alibaba cloud services
  • May be experienced with Azure, AWS, or not

Key Features

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  • Familiar with ECS-related concepts, including regions and zones, instances, disks, snapshots, images, networks, and security groups.
  • Has knowledge about the advantages, billing policies, application scenarios, APIs and SDKs of ECS.
  • Able to deploy applications based on ECS products.
  • Familiar with the usage and operations of ECS instances, disks, security groups, snapshots, images and tags.
Auto Scaling:
  • Familiar with the basic concepts related to Auto Scaling, including scaling groups, scaling configuration, scaling rules, scaling activities, scaling trigger tasks, scaling mode and freezing time.
  • Familiar with Auto Scaling features, product advantages and common application scenarios.
Server Load Balancer:
  • Familiar with Server Load Balancer-related basic concepts and features, including the Server Load Balancer definition, implementation principles, supported protocols, session persistence, health checks, backend server weights, certificates, and forwarding policies.
  • Familiar with Server Load Balancers product advantages and its application scenarios.
  • Has knowledge about usage, operation and maintenance of Server Load Balancers, including Server Load Balancer configuration, maintenance, precautions, and problem identification and handling.
  • Familiar with the OSS-related concepts, including regions, buckets, objects, anti-leech, and object lifecycle management.
  • Has knowledge about the advantages, application scenarios and billing models of OSS products.
  • Has knowledge about the management, use and operations of OSS buckets and objects.
  • Familiar with the RDS-related concepts and the database type supported, include MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL and PPAS.
  • Has knowledge about the advantages, application scenarios and billing models of RDS products.
  • Has knowledge about the management, use and operations of RDS instance, such as connecting to RDS, read only and backup, etc.
Alibaba Cloud Security services and CloudMonitor:
  • Has basic security awareness and security basics of using cloud services.
  • Has knowledge about Alibaba Cloud Security series, such as Anti-DDoS Basic, Anti-DDoS Pro, Server Guard and CloudMonitor.
  • Has knowledge about the basics of Anti-DDoS Basic, Server Guard and CloudMonitor.
General knowledge about Cloud Computing:
  • Practitioners in the cloud computing field are required to possess basic knowledge about the related concepts,
  • technologies and cloud computing advantages, including the definition, features, advantages, service types, implementation technologies and deployment methods of cloud computing.
This training course will make you exam-ready for the global certification "ACA - Alibaba Cloud Certification Associate" exam.

Exam details for ACA - Alibaba Cloud Certification Associate:
  • Total questions: 50
  • Total exam marks 100
  • Discounted Price: USD 120 (Original Price: USD 200.00)
  • Time: 105 minutes
  • Available at: PearsonVue Testing Centers
  • Question types: There are three types of questions on the examination: Single selection, Multiple selections and True-or-false questions.
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